Cross mural on ceramic tile with golden fire background on water

When it comes to wall murals, there are many factors to consider before you decide on a purchase.  Factors such as materials & substrates, longevity, and how they stand out on your walls are a few of the priorities you should keep your eye on.  With that in mind, it’s the availability of the “kind” of mural that you’re looking for that tops the list of things to consider.

There’s a vast variety of mural categories available on the net, but Christian and religious wall murals for your home are a bit harder to come by.  Oh, they’re out there, just a little more unique and harder to find than other contemporary art like fish and dolphins.  So, let’s start there since you’re reading an article about wall murals on!

If you look around the net, you can certainly find a variety of Christian or Catholic wall murals available for sale.  Once you've found some, the next thing you’ll want to consider is the type of look you want on your wall.  Most of the Christian murals available are either posters or canvas that stick to your wall and look a lot like, well, posters and canvas on your wall.  While some of them may have a glossy sheen to them, they have no reflective value and basically just sit there on your wall.

Ceramic tile wall murals on the other hand have a completely different look that makes them stand out and pop on your walls!  First, ceramic tiles offer a glossy, mirror-like shine that no poster or canvas can touch.  Ceramic tiles look like glass on your walls that everyone will notice the moment they walk into a room!  And, because they’re much thicker than a flat poster or canvas (they’re ¼ inch thick), your guests will know immediately that they’re not looking at your average, every-day picture on the wall. Chances are, it’s a look that most people have never seen before!  And, because they’re made of ceramic tile, they look as stunning when mounted “in” your wall as part of a tile project as they do “on” your wall if that’s what you choose to do.  Try doing THAT with a poster or canvas! 

But as far as Christian & Catholic wall art goes, the bigger question becomes: “Where do you find them on ceramic tile?”  Not only are ceramic tile murals in any category far more unique and harder to find than posters or canvas, but when you consider the much more unique category of Christian & Catholic wall art, you’ve pretty much narrowed your options down significantly.  If you do some research, you’ll find a few out there here and there, but you have to be careful when you find them that you’re getting the real thing.  What do we mean by that?  Well, some companies on the net who offer Christian ceramic tile wall murals craft their tiles using a high-resolution picture printed like any other picture on a basic inkjet printer, and then cut out and glued to the ceramic tile and coated with silicone or other type of resin.  This process is not only inferior, it doesn’t offer the same reflective shine that you’ll get from ceramic tile murals from  While it’s true that they may shine, they’re not “reflective”, meaning that it’s a dull shine” and reflections in the tiles are not recognizable.  The surface of the tile may also feel “rubbery” which is the silicone sealant overlay.  That’s a huge deal! 

At, our ceramic tile murals are created through a sublimation process, where high-resolution images are transferred to each tile using a heating process that converts top-grade solvent inks into a “gaseous” state which are then infused “into” the tile, not painted “onto” the tile.  Since the ink is now infused into the tile, it can’t be smudged or scratched off.  It’s part of the tile.  And, the results are truly stunning!  There’s no need for silicone or resin sealants because each tile’s reflective value comes from the tile’s natural composition.  They shine like glass because they’re a lot like glass with a natural shine that a silicone or resin coating can’t duplicate. 

So, be careful when you shop for Christian or Catholic ceramic tiles or wall art and make sure you’re getting images that are truly part of the tile and not just glued on and then sealed.  More importantly, because vendors are not going to tell you up-front that they are selling you pictures glued to the tile, it can be very difficult to determine based on their product descriptions.  The only real way to know exactly what you’re getting is to either ask them up front, or better yet, check out our wide variety of tiles and murals at!  With a wide variety of categories to choose from such as Divine Mercy Art, Jesus art, Virgin Mary art, Catholic Saints and Renaissance art, you’re sure to find a variety of beautiful choices for all your needs!  And, we’re adding new tiles and murals all the time so make sure you check back often!  Check out this short video on our Christian ceramic tiles & murals to get a better idea of the reflective value of our ceramic tiles for your home and your walls.  Ceramic tile art and wall murals from are not only good for your heart, they’re great for your home!

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