For our inaugural blog post in our brand new home, we thought we'd double-down on the article on our website's home page just in case you missed it. 

"The research is pretty clear. Studies show that the more often we're reminded of our faith, the more likely we are to practice it. Christian Tile Art is not only a unique and beautiful way to enhance the beauty of your home, but it's good for your heart too! Our Christian and Catholic tile art collections are custom designed and hand-crafted from a special type of ceramic tile that allows for a crystal clear finish that shines like glass! High resolution images with rich, vibrant colors are transferred to each tile using specialty solvent inks and top quality materials to produce absolutely stunning results. And because many of our ceramic wall art and tile art are unique and custom made, you won't find them anywhere else on the planet!

Oftentimes other tiles sold on the net from Italy and China are merely printed pictures or photos glued to a tile and then coated with a silicone or resin sealant that provides a non-reflective shine. Our tiles are created using high-resolution graphics infused into the tile surface with high-quality ink specially designed to penetrate ceramic tile, so it actually becomes part of the tile. There's no need for a silicone coating as our religious wall art and tiles naturally shine like glass! And, because the ink is infused into the tile, it chemically bonds with it and will never smudge. They're waterproof and are perfect for the shower, bath, patio, grotto or any other room in you home. And, since each tile is custom made and shipped right here in the USA, you'll never have to wait two weeks for it to be shipped from overseas.

They make perfect housewarming gifts and are perfect for weddings, confirmation, first communion & baptisms. Our tiles may look like a million bucks, but they're priced to stay within your budget. And, a free stand is always included with every individual tile purchased!

Want to know more about our murals and tile wall art, Divine Mercy Art, vinyl wall quotes and other products? Check out our new lineup of Christian and Catholic Ceramic tiles and wall art murals at!"

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