So, what is Christian Tile Art anyway?

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Our Lady of Guadalupe ceramic tile on stand with vibrant colors.

Ceramic Tiles & Wall Murals

Christian Wall Murals designed to enhance the beauty of your home as well as your heart!

Christian and Catholic Art and Murals you won't find anywhere else!

Our murals are made from the same top quality ceramic tiles and inks used to produce our high-quality individual ceramic tiles. The murals however, take the ceramic tile process to a whole new level! Our Christian and Catholic mosaics are available in a number of sizes. Each mural is comprised of many smaller tiles (usually 8"x8" unless otherwise noted) which combine to create larger, stunning works of art that showcase your home!

Our murals look great in any room in your home and are ideal for patios, grottos, church sanctuaries or any other project you have in mind. Whether you're looking to apply a Christian or Catholic mosaic mural to the surface of your wall, or a re-tile project in your bath or other room, has you covered! If you're looking for top-quality Christian Ceramic Tiles and Religious wall art & murals that are superior in both quality and value to anything you'll find in a store or on the net, then is a must! Christian Tile Art - Good for your Heart, Great for your Home!