Much of the beauty and allure of ceramic wall murals which sets them apart from ordinary paintings and other wall decor lies in the beautiful glossy shine of each tile in the mural.

This glow that you can only get from a sublimation process adds to its elegance and brings out the beauty and individuality of each tile.  It really makes the mural as a whole stand out on your wall. And, since each mural is individually hand crafted, no two murals are exactly alike!

To apply your ceramic mural tiles to your wall, we recommend 3M Command Brand adhesives specifically designed for hanging picture frames on walls. Each adhesive is designed to support up to 4 pounds of weight on your wall and we include 2 per tile with your mural for a maximum total adhesive weight support of 8 pounds per tile. That's about as heavy as a gallon of milk.  Since each tile weighs approximately 1 pound (think loaf of bread - more or less), the included adhesives are eight times the maximum support strength recommended by 3M Command.  And, because they're made with heavy duty strength velcro, installation of your mural is a breeze since you are able to remove and adjust each tile whenever you want to ensure proper alignment.

We've had great success with 3M Command adhesives.  Please keep in mind though that our mural tile guarantee only applies to the actual tiles themselves.  We make no guarantees and offer no warranties regarding the adhesiveness or longevity of the 3M Command adhesives included with your purchase and assume no responsibility or liability for damage or injury.  Please visit the 3M Command website for further information on their wall hangers and warranties.

Lastly, please keep in mind that all mural sales are returnable and refundable within 30 days of receipt subject to a restocking fee that varies depending on the size of your mural.  Please visit our mural restocking fees page for more information.  We likewise guarantee all tiles within a mural against damage or breakage for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery and will replace them free of charge during the warranty period. Beyond 30 days, there is a $9.95 replacement fee for each tile within the mural (plus shipping where applicable).

Detailed and comprehensive application instructions are included with your order.