Divine Mercy Jesus Earth ceramic tile wall mural mosaic

You’re probably familiar with the wise old strategy of putting a note on your bedroom mirror to help you remember everything from keeping appointments to breaking old habits to maintaining self-confidence and motivation.  Or maybe you wrote a note on your hand to remind yourself to pick up the laundry after work.  Reminders are a great way to not only help you run errands, but they can also help you shed bad habits and likewise build good ones.  But what about reminders as they relate to your faith and trust in God?  Could this same concept actually help you maintain and even help increase your faith and trust in God?  To become a better Christian?  To live God’s message?  Well, research shows that it can!

That being said, the truth may actually be a little more complicated than that.  While reminders are a great way to motivate us, they don’t always go off as planned.  According to, reminders oftentimes fail for three primary reasons:

  1. The wrong action was prompted;
  2. The reminder was not specific; and,
  3. The reminder came at the wrong time.

We know that all good Christians love God and strive to do the right thing – at least most of the time.   We also know that in order to foster and cultivate our faith, we need to nourish it with plenty of food for our souls.  Reading holy scriptures for example, is one good way to do it.  But with all that’s going on in our lives these days, the unfortunate reality is that we oftentimes forget to be Christian or at least forget to act like one.  The truth however, is that God does give us plenty of gentle reminders all the time to prompt us to feed our souls along with our bodies. 

But, if you’re anything like me, many of these gentle reminders oftentimes go right over your head.  Oftentimes I think I don’t need a gentle reminder; I need a good whack on the head!  Well, there’s no need for that, because offers a whole variety of “reminders” that look beautiful in your home, without the need for a whack on the head!  From individual ceramic tiles on your mantle or bookcase to full-sized ceramic tile murals and mosaics, Christian artwork from is not only great for your home, it’s good for your heart too.

But back to the three reasons above as to why many reminders oftentimes fail.  We can see that making God the centerpiece of your home (both physically and spiritually) checks all the boxes to help avoid these three mistakes.  First, having a religious reminder such as a religious ceramic tile or mural prominently displayed in the home couldn’t possibly prompt the wrong action, because Christian artwork is designed to inspire and motivate us to not only live God’s Word, but to carry God’s message forward as well.

Second, spiritual inspirational reminders are definitely specific.  Seeing Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Catholic saints or other inspirational religious figures on a daily basis will not only act as a beautiful conversation piece, it’s a specific reminder of our goals and obligations as Christians.  They can be a reminder to say a daily prayer, help someone in need, or just be a friend to someone who might be lonely or sad.

Lastly, many reminders come at the wrong time because they're seen or displayed either too early or too late.  Here's the good part though:  As we give ourselves over to God and increase our trust in Him, He will ensure that we are always reminded at just the right time!  No need for specifics on this one - if you put your trust in God, you'll get your reminder right when you need it!

Someone visiting your home may likewise be inspired by your religious artwork which just might provide the spark that they need to revive their own spiritual journey, and the message is carried forward!  You can’t say that about a note on your mirror or message written on your hand!  As we all know, God has His own way of inspiring us at just the right time.

So, if you’d like to be inspired daily by God’s love for you and your commitment to pass that love on to your neighbors, please consider a work of art from  Our wide selection of Christian and Catholic art and décor make perfect housewarming gifts and are great for weddings and baptisms, or maybe just to say “I’m thinking of you” for your loved ones.  Ceramic artwork from is not only good for your heart, it’s great for your home!

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